Branding a fledgling Real Estate outfit in Grand Cayman required an elevated approach.  Typical luxury can sometimes be obvious and obvert.  I started by thinking of an identity that would resonate with an authentic tone by establishing a direction that was as simple as a horizon line, and rich as a sunset.  


I created custom ombre artwork inspired by the water, nature, and skies of the Cayman Islands that would serve as the foundation for a simple grid with elegant simplicity.



A flagship for this new brand was a look book of sorts.  A publication that would help reinforce the brand's position while intentionally embracing a non-sales approach.  An interesting grid coupled with a vibrant palette and imagery set the story, and introduced a conversational narrative.



When it came to how the brand engages with their audience on relevant social media, photography that amazes and inspires is key.  A refined and curated approach online reflects the unique curation of property on the island.  


The social strategy developed around an equal showing of property, place, and lifestyle.  On these platforms, it was critical to remain as humble and relatable as possible -- never sounding like an ad, and always reinforcing their authority on what Grand Cayman is, and how best to access it.