This is one of my favorite projects to date, in part, due to the complexity of the challenges.  The Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency, like many others around the U.S., is tasked with an important mission -- reimagine, revitalize, and reawaken areas affected by neglect and urban blight.  One district under their administration encompasses almost the entire East side of Gainesville -- an area made up of communities that have long suffered neglect and oversight.  This is not a new issue.  However, when we talk about redeveloping areas with similar profiles, the goal should be to reinvigorate, not reinvent.

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I was initially brought on to conduct an extensive discovery process in East Gainesville, and produce a robust communication and marketing strategy.   The intended outcome was a strategy that we could use to inform the branding and marketing of all projects falling within this large redevelopment district.


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Heartwood is a redevelopment project being built on the site of what was once Kennedy Homes, a government funded housing facility that had debilitated into a neighborhood ravaged by poverty, drugs, and crime.  The community eventually succumbed to a fire, and was demolished in the early 90's.  This site sat vacant for decades, and was a sore subject in the greater city as a reminder of the neglect areas in East Gainesville suffered.  As part of the Look East campaign, this site would now see a new community--  one that celebrated the rich culture of the surrounding neighborhoods, and the verdant and diverse landscape this site called home.


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Currently in progress, Cornerstone is a development adjacent to the Heartwood development.  With Gainesville's oldest technology incubator anchoring the site, it's hoping to attract investment that leads to important amenities lacking in East Gainesville.  Our charge was naming and branding this nascent development site.  Our aim was to satisfy both the community's hope that the area reflect the important cultural impacts of past and present leaders, as well as attracting new, outside attention in the way investment.