Helia Fields is a new cannabis brand on the Oregon scene.  Although their parent company isn't new to the game, this brands approach is.  Helia Fields' brand position focuses around a more natural product grown, not indoors with the assistance of grow lamps like many other grow facilities, but outdoors in greenhouses, and fed only by the Sun itself.  I designed an identity inspired by the science of light, and infused it with the spectrum that we can, and can not see.



light impressions

I created custom Light Impressions for the system that are used in both print and digital environments.  These Light Impressions communicate the variance of waves found in pure sunlight, and were intended to be both assertive and remarkable.


light effects

It was also important to create tools to be used with the brand.  I created custom actions that could be used as photo styles -- consistency across mediums and assets being the goal.  Each action was inspired directly by the light impressions I created for the packaging, collateral, and digital environments.


The System

These custom brand elements, when paired together, create a system that is vibrant and memorable.  Distinction in this new industry can be challenging to achieve, however, this approach created a fair distance between Helia Fields and their competitors.  I felt it was important to speak to the science of light, setting the stage for a communication strategy centered around the art of growing.