the headlands


The Headlands Coastal Lodge & Spa is a new luxury property launching in the Fall of 2017 in Pacific City, Oregon.  A unique location, Pacific City is probably best known by the two incredible geographic features found there called Haystack Rock, and Cape Kiwanda, respectively.  A major driver for me as I developed the identity was my commitment to the place.  For me, the identity needed to feel like a local, and appear related to the environment.  From the subtle, windswept nature of the typography in the wordmark, to the color palette inspired directly by the landscape, it was important to me that the brand's image felt authentic to the magical town of Pacific City.  


the property

The system used for the lodge itself is characterized by the rich Red Earth color defined in the Headlands palette, and accented with the charcoal hue.  This combination plays perfectly with the rich materials used throughout the interior and exterior design of the property, and strikes a balance informed by the local environment.


The tavern

The Coastal Tavern, the lodge's restaurant concept, is characterized by the use of the Sandstone, and beautifully accented with the rich Sunset, and the bold Charcoal respectively.  A rich matte finish is applied to the collateral that makes for a warm and natural feeling when held in your hands.  The menu at the Coastal Tavern is simple, elegant, and light -- treated with the same approach as the cuisine being served in the restaurant.


the spa

The Headlands Spa & Wellness Studio is the property's boutique spa experience.  The color palette associated with this experience is the Pacific Blue, with accents of Sunset and Sandstone.  Rich wood furniture, and accents crafted with a modern aesthetic set the stage for the influence of the identity system -- matte finishes with minimal luster create a soft touch, and remind the guest of a natural and comforting environment. 


in concert

While the property's three distinct offerings dial the use of the brand's color palette up and down for each respective experience, the overall effect of the system strikes a beautiful balance when the elements are revealed in concert.


subtle reminders

I introduced elements throughout the system that both unified the disparate collateral, and reminded the audience of the grand scale of Cape Kiwanda.  The rough-hewn illustrated element used across the base of the collateral references the land and the horizon.  Paired with the logomark alone, the viewer feels the larger-than-life scale of the environment found on the Oregon coast.